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Quality Assurance Checker

1 Year or less Experience

Vitarich Corporation

Iloilo City, Iloilo
Posted on : March 02, 2019
Job ID : 305989


Is currently looking for:
Normal Daily Duties
  • Acquire,validate and follow up needed document, information and data.
  • Maintain and update record of quality audits on logbooks and monitoring boards for PQE, Customer Complaint, Homogeneity Mixer Test, Condemnation of RM / FF, etc.
  • Prepare and submit required documents / reports.
  • Perform clerical and janitorial work.
  • Safekeeping and maintenance of test item and vehicle.
  • Acquire / purchase and evaluate VC and Competitor feeds and bagging materials. 7. Hold / reject sub standard feeds and reprocess.
  • Conduct physical test and request chemical test on VC and Competitor feeds.
Periodic Duties
  • Conduct weekly Finished Feeds Warehouse evaluation.
  • Conduct monthly Raw Materials Warehouse evaluation.
  • Collect monthly feeds sample per plant mixer for homogeneity test.
  • Update monthly reference feed sample bottled.
  • Conduct semestral IQA and participate in the semestral external surveillance audit.
  • Prepare and submit weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual report such as overstaying feeds, management review, status of quality audit, etc.
Occasional Duties
  • Receiving and handling of customer complaints.
  • Conduct physical and chemical evaluation of RM / FF for condemnation.
Required experience:
  • QA Staff in Feedmill Operations: 1 year

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